Corvette Restoration

 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

#1 Song
Surf City
by Jan & Dean

Another year of redesign, both the body and chassis were redesigned. And for the first time, a coupe body was available. This was the year of the split window, a center split on the coup roof flowed through the rear glass to create the now famous "Split Window". This was also the first Corvette to do away with the solid rear axle.

Other things happening in 1963

This popular song, Surfin' The Beach Boys made it to #3 in the month of May. It was the #2 song for the year. It was beat out by Sugar Shack by Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs.

The JFK, the 35th President of the United States was assassinated. Russia put the first women into space. The Dick Van Dyke Show won an Emmy for Outstanding comedy series for the second year in a row. Dick himself won an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series.

Wheelbase: 98"
Height: 49.8" Over Hardtop 
Width: 69.6"
Tire Size: 6.70x15"
Track: 56.25" Front / 57" Rear
Length: 175.1"
Curb Weight: 3,015 lbs.
Plant: St. Louis


1963 Options:


Code Description
837 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 10,594 $4,257
867 Base Corvette Convertible 10,919 4,037
898 Genuine Leather Seats 1,114 80.70
941 Sebring Silver Exterior Paint 3,516 80.70
A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, All Windows 629 16.15
A02 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, Windshield 470 10.80
A31 Power Windows 3,742 59.20
C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (Convertible) 5,739 236.75
C48 Heater/Defroster Delete 124 -100.00
C60 Air Conditioning 278 421.80
G81 Positraction Rear Axle 17,554 43.05
G91 Special Highway Axle Ratio 3.08:1  211 2.20
J50 Power Brakes 3,336 43.05
J65 Sintered Metallic Brakes 5,310 37.70
L75 327ci 300hp Engine  8,033 53.80
L76 327ci 340hp Engine 6,978 107.60
L84 327ci 360hp Engine - Fuel Injection 2,610 430.40
M20 4 Speed Manual Transmission 17,983 188.30
M35 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 2,621 199.10
N03 36 Gallon Fuel Tank Coupe Only 63 202.30
N11 Offroad Exhaust System Unknown 37.70
N34 Woodgrained Plastic Steering Wheel 130 16.15
N40  Power Steering 3,063 75.35
P48 Cast Aluminum Knock-Off Wheels Unknown 322.80
P91 Blackwall Tires 670x15 Nylon Cord 412 15.70
P92 Blackwall Tires 670x15 Rayon Cord  19,383 31.55
T86 Backup Lamps 318 10.80
U65 AM Radio 11,368 137.75
U69 AM/FM Radio 9,178 174.35
Z06 Special Performance Equipment 199 1,818.45


Serial Numbers: 30837S100001 through 30837S121513 



RC: 327ci, 250hp MT RF: 327ci 360hp MT
RD: 327ci, 300hp MT SC: 327ci, 250hp AT 
RE: 327ci, 340hp MT SD: 327ci, 300hp AT



Base Engine:     327ci V8 250hp



RPO Exterior Quantity Soft Top Wheels Interior
900 Tuxedo Black - Bk/W
Black BK/S
912 Silver Blue - Bk/W
916 Daytona Blue 3,475 Bk/W
923 Riverside Red 4,612 Bk/W
932 Saddle Tan - Bk/W
Black BK/R
936 Ermine White - Bk/W
Black BK/Db
941 Sebring Silver 3,516 Bk/W


Contact Information:

(812)969-3386 or 812-725-2477