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1954 Corvette

The second year started in St. Louis, MO, sometime in December. The plant was designed to produce 10,000 cars annually. However, they miscalculated the demand, and it took the next six years to exceed 10,000 in annual sales. The crankshaft design in the Blue Flame Six was remodified to increase the horsepower up to 155hp. Three new colors were added in addition to the Polo White. These colors were Pennant Blue, Sportsman Red, and Black. Each 1954 Corvette still had the 6-volt electrical system.

  • Wheelbase: 102"
  • Track: 57" Front/58.8" Rear
  • Height: 51.5" Over Windshield
  • Length: 167.3"
  • Width: 69.8"
  • Curb Weight: 2,805 lbs. (V-8)
  • Tire Size: 6.70" x 15"
  • Plant: St. Louis, MO

1954 Options:

Code Description Quantity Price
 2934-6  Base Corvette Convertible, 6 Cylinder  Unknown  $2,774.00
 2934-8  Base Corvette Convertible, V8  Unknown  $2,909.00
 100  Directional Signals  700  $16.75
 101  Heater  700  $91.40
 102  AM Radio  700  $145.15
 290B  Whitewall Tires  Unknown  $26.90
 313M  Powerglide Transmission  Unknown  $178.35
 420A  Parking Brake Alarm  700  $5.65
 421A  Courtesy Lights  700  $4.05
 422A  Windshield Washer  700  $11.85

Base Engine: 235ci "Blue Flame" 155hp (265ci V8 195hp was an option. It is identified by a gold "V" on both front fenders, and a 12-volt electrical system.)
Serial Numbers:
VE55S001001 through VE55S001700 ("V" is omitted on 6-cylinder models.)


 Exterior  Quantity  Soft-Top  Wheels  Interior
 Polo White  3,230  Beige  Red  Red
 Pennant Blue  300  Beige  Red  Beige
 Sportsman Red  100  Beige  Red  Red
 Black  4  Beige  Red  Red