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Engine with Air Filter in Red Corvette

1972 Corvette and 1973 Corvette

The appearance changes were again minimal for the 1972 Corvette. The 1972 model was the last to feature front and rear chrome bumpers, a bright "egg crate" grill, side fender grills, and the removable rear window. This was also the last year for the RPO-LT1 and RPO-ZR1, although the ZR1 code was again used in 1990 and the LT1 designated a new base engine in 1992.

There are 4,000 serial numbers for the 1973 Corvette that were never built. The last Corvette built in 1973 ended with 34,464, but production only added up to 30,464; the missing numbers were VIN 24,001 through 28,000. Rear bumpers were unchanged from 1972, but front bumpers were changed to meet federal 5 mph standards which added 35 pounds of weight to the vehicle. New chassis mounts were added to help combat road chatter and a new hood, with rear cold air induction introduced.

1972 Specs:

  • Wheelbase: 98"
  • Track: 58.7" Front/59.4" Rear
  • Height: 47.8" Coupe
  • Length: 182.5"
  • Width: 69"
  • Curb Weight: 3,305 lbs.
  • Tire Size: F70 - 15"
  • Plant: St. Louis, MO

1972 Options:

Code Description Quantity
 19437  Base Corvette Sport Coupe  20,496
 19467  Base Corvette Convertible  6,508
 -  Custom Interior Trim  8,709
 AV3  3-Point Seat Belts  17,693
 A31  Power Windows  9,495
 A85  Custom Shoulder Belts  749
 C07  Auxiliary Hardtop (Convertible)  2,646
 C08  Vinyl Covering for Auxiliary Hardtop  811
 C50  Rear Window Defroster  2,221
 C60  Air Conditioning  17,001
 -  Optional Rear Axle Ratio  1,986
 J50  Power Brakes  18,770
 K19  Air Injection Reactor  3,912
 LS5  454ci 270hp Engine  3,913
 LT1  350ci 255hp Engine  1,741
 M21  4-Speed Manual Close Ratio  1,638
 M40  Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission  14,543
 N37  Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column  12,992
 N40  Power Steering  23,794
 PO2  Deluxe Wheel Cover  3,593
 PT7  White Stripe Tires, F70 - 15"  6,666
 PU9  White Letter Tires, F70 - 15"  16,623
 T60  Heavy-Duty Battery  2,969
 U69  AM/FM Radio  19,480
 U79  AM/FM Radio Stereo  7,189
 YF5  California Emissions Test  1967
 ZR1  Special Purpose LT1 Engine Package  20

Serial Numbers: 1Z37K2S500001 through 1Z37K2S527004

For convertibles, the fourth digit is a "6."

Fifth digit varies as follows: K = 350ci 200hp, L = 350ci 225hp, W = 454ci 270hp

Base Engine: 350ci V8 200hp


  • CDH: 350ci 200hp, Manual Transmission and Evaporative Emission Control
  • CPH: 454ci 270hp, Manual Transmission
  • CDJ: 350ci 200hp, Automatic Transmission and Evaporative Emission Control
  • CPJ: 454ci 270hp, Automatic Transmission and Uncertain Usage
  • CKW: 350ci 200hp, Manual Transmission
  • CRS: 350ci 255hp, Automatic Transmission and Air Injection Reactor
  • CKX: 350ci 200hp, Automatic Transmission
  • CRT: 350ci 255hp, Manual Transmission, Air Injection Reactor, and Uncertain Usage
  • CKY: 350ci 255hp, Manual Transmission
  • CSR: 454ci 270hp, Manual Transmission and Air Injection Reactor
  • CKZ: 350ci 255hp (ZR1), Manual Transmission
  • CSS: 454ci 270hp, Automatic Transmission and Air Injection Reactor

The ZR1 included the LT1 engine, M21 transmission, heavy-duty power brakes, transistor ignition, special aluminum radiator, special springs, shocks, and front and rear stabilizer bars. 1972 ZR1s generally had no fan shrouds.


Code Exterior Soft-Top Quantity Interior
 912  Sunflower Yellow Black/White  1,543  Black/Saddle
 924  Pewter Silver Black/White  1,372  Black/Br/Red/Saddle
 945  Bryar Blue Black/White  1,617  Black
 946  Elkhart Green Black/White  4,200  Blue/Saddle
 972  Classic White Black/White  4,200  Blue/Black/Red/Saddle
 973  Mille Miglia Red Black/White  2,478  Black/Red/Saddle
 979  Targa Blue Black/White  3,198  Black/Black
 987  Ontario Orange Black/White  4,891  Black/Saddle
 988  Steel Cities Gray Black/White  2,346  Black/Red/Saddle
 989  War Bonnet Yellow Black/White  2,550  Black/Saddle

1973 Specs:

  • Wheelbase: 98"
  • Track: 58.7" Front/59.5" Rear Length: 184.6"
  • Height: 47.8"
  • Coupe Width: 69"
  • Curb Weight: 3,416 lbs.
  • Tire Size: GR70" x 15"
  • Plant: St. Louis, MO